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Dear travelers,

We continue our operation. In spite of the Russia aggression. We hope you will travel to peaceful and united Ukraine very soon. Meanwhile, we do all the travel services on all the territory of Ukraine except for Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

We are looking forward to making your trip as comfortable and pleasant as it is possible now.

Our Team


Travel industry is a very special one, and it is a common situation when our partners and customers meet us in person after years of successful cooperation. It happens sometimes that living in different countries and traveling to different cities we do not meet each other at all.

So, we decided to make this About Us page literally about us. This is about each member of our wonderful team and what we think about our lives, what we love and what we do in the office and how we spend our spare time.

Igor Yurchuk, executive director
general management
We were on a school excursion to Berlin when I was 7. We came to Brandenburg Gate. There was a big empty square in front of the Gate, and soldiers with guns were marching around all the time. The teacher said: "Do not enter the square. If you enter, they shoot." My first intention was to run there, because there must be something really beautiful if they guard it so well. It was dangerous to run, so I was standing and looking.

I came back to Berlin in 2005, when I was 34. I came to the Gate, and passed through for twenty or thirty times, forth and back. I said to myself: "You guys who built walls, cannot stop me now. You are only a part of history as well as your walls. And I am real, and I build bridges letting other people to travel."

I love travel business because it brings people closer to each other no matter what nation or religion they are.

I love to travel, I love Ukraine and wonderful people living here, I also love music and I learn to play guitar (at home).

Ramila Ancharova, booking department manager
bookings, site updates
I’m the youngest but very energetic and already (since 2005 year!) experienced member of our team. Responsible and smiley, I can say that I’m a guru in the groupleading on the round-Ukraine tours.

My mom really helped me in choosing my career, thanks her I have traveled from early childhood. And I hope that traveling and tourism will accompany me all my life.

As to the personal holidays and weekends, I share enthusiasm of my chief Irina for the fresh-air activities: rafting, sky-diving, hiking, quadro-safari and so on.

You are welcome to join!

Irina Savina, chief manager
product development and bookings
Starting from 2003 I work in the most exciting department of Ukraine Tours, dealing with the new routes and destinations. So each time you see a fresh, exciting and interesting tour – it is created, implemented and tested by my team and me.

I am fond of traveling regardless the means – jogging, rafting or sky-diving. It can be even a bus or a train.

I feel cozy and comfortable at home as well, especially in the kitchen – because I cook pretty well and enjoy the process. For those who is interested in Ukrainian and Odessa cuisine specifically, I would be happy to arrange a master-class at my home-kitchen with fresh and rich ingredients from the local gardens and orchards.

Olga Savosik, accounting manager
payments, accounting
I am a real woman of fashion. My friends and I are often guests in the shops where some new jeans or elegant skirt can be picked up.

I do not stick to one style – romantic or sport, elegant or gaudy – I like to be different. Still, each image I create must be perfect: make up, manicure, shoes, purse and of course a fitting hairdo to finish the look!

Sometimes, (very rare), I like to stay at home and amuse myself with a book or I can watch some nice comedy. How pleasant it can be to sulk in the deep armchair with my beloved cat Sonja that purrs on my laps.


Dear Oksana, back home I would like to inform you that we enjoyed our stay at the Kiev appartment and that service of your office with regard to the night trains proved to be effective. We hope to return to the Ukraine and to visit its western provinces and towns such as Lviv.

Thank you and best wishes for the forthcoming season

JAN, the Netherlands

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