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Heroic Defense of Odessa in the WWII

The Museum of Partizn Glory in Odessa Catacombs
Duration: 6 hours
Operation: year round
Max number of participants: unlimited
Available in:* English, Russian, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian
The tour price per person*
Group: from USD 26
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Odessa is one of the twelve WWII Hero Cities of the former USSR. The award was granted for the heroic defense in August - October 1941, which ended with the evacuation of 15000 civil citizens and besieged Soviet troops. A vast network of the famous Odessa catacombs has harbored many remaining Odessa inhabitants and became an operational base for guerrillas. The Partisan movement turned into a nightmare for the city occupants. Odessa has been liberated only in 1944, during Odessa Offensive Operation under command of Malinovsky.
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The excursion highlights
  • Odessa Military Museum
  • Heroic Defence of Odessa Museum (411 Coastal Baterry Memorial)
  • The Catacombs at Nerubayskoye Village and WW2 Museum
  • The Alley of Glory and the Monument to a Sailor
Heroic Defence of Odessa Museum (411 Coastal Baterry Memorial)
Heroic Defence of Odessa Museum (411 Coastal Baterry Memorial)
Group Number of participants Price, USD
GROUP 1 - 2 From 175
3 - 5 From 84
6 - 15 From 39
16 - 25 From 29
26 - 40 From 26
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