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Theatrical Excursion to Lviv of the Middle Ages

St. Andrew church
Duration: 3 hours
Operation: year round
Max number of participants: unlimited
Available in:* English, Russian, German, Ukrainian, Polish
The tour price per person*
Group: from USD 8
*Please see information in the price chart
If you are thinking of the Middle Ages as of something romantic and entertaining, we invite you to the Theatrical Excursion to Lviv of the Middle Ages. Not to get lost in an unfamiliar town you will have a local guide from the Medieval Lviv to show you the way. As any ordinary medieval pilgrims, you and your guide will enter the city from the Customs House where a scribe will write your name into the Guest Book of all the city visitors. This is the point where your adventure starts! The city of Lviv is inhabited by people of diverse nationalities, religions and trade. To get acquainted with them, we will wander along the ancient Lviv quarters: Armenian, Ruthenian and Judaic. Each nation has its customs and rules of conduct. You will learn about everyday life and business of the medieval Lviv inhabitants. To make your experience complete, the Mayor and his clerks will award you with a certificate confirming your visit to the glorious city of Lviv.
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The excursion highlights
  • Dominican Church
  • Museum-Arsenal
  • Quarter Lvov Ghetto
  • Rynok Square
  • The Armenian Church
  • The Bernardine church and monastery
Dominican Church
Dominican Church
Group Number of participants Price, USD
GROUP 1 - 2 From 152
3 - 5 From 61
6 - 15 From 21
16 - 25 From 13
26 - 40 From 8
  • The price per person depends on number of participants
  • The prices include all applicable taxes and fees
  • The prices include admissions to the sights
  • The excursion prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • Availability of tours in other than the English or the Russian language, as well as price for such a tour, is subject to confirmation upon submission of your request.
  • Additional fees may apply for pick-ups from some locations, such as sea or river ports.


Just wanted to thank you for helping me in making my journey to the
Ukraine reality. My air-ticket was waiting for me at hotel George in Lvov. I just came back last night from my trip and it will take time to process all my impressions. As planned I visited Dnipropetrovsk, Charkiv and Kiev. They were all interesting in their own way, but Kiev is a real pearl.
In the summer it must be even more beautiful. I practiced my poor Russian and learned even better to read cyrillic letters. Not many people speak English or German, which for me personally is good, because I'm forced to make myself understood, trying to speak Russian. Travelling in winter is sometimes hard; dark, cold weather with freezing fingers and toes. Every season has it's charm and I enjoyed my stay very much. If you make an effort, people are very kind and helpful. I look forward to going again.
Again, thank you for making it possible.
Good health to all of you and the best in year 2004!


Alex, Sweden

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