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Dear travelers,

We continue our operation. In spite of the Russia aggression. We hope you will travel to peaceful and united Ukraine very soon. Meanwhile, we do all the travel services on all the territory of Ukraine except for Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

We are looking forward to making your trip as comfortable and pleasant as it is possible now.

Hotels In Ukraine: Mariupol

Hotels In Ukraine: Spartak Hotel, Mariupol
Hotels In Ukraine: Spartak Hotel, Mariupol Hotels In Ukraine: Spartak Hotel, Mariupol Hotels In Ukraine: Spartak Hotel, Mariupol
Price from: USD 25     Location: Center

The Spartak Hotel has been serving in the industry of hospitality in Mariupol from 1884. And unlike the majority of hotels there, this one is located in the historical center, distantly from busy and noisy industrial part of the city

Hotel address: 13, Kharlampievskaya Street, Mariupol
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I am now back home in Sweden, since 4 days, after a really great week in Odessa. I must have walked between 100-200 km in that city and worn out 2 pair of shoes during that time. And it was with mixed feelings I entered the airflight back home.

I also like to thank You again, Irina, for the great apartment and service You and your office provide, and You can be sure that I have promoted Odessa and your office a lot, among my friends, since I came home - the pictures I took of the city has really impressed them :-)

Odessa might be a worn down city (on its way up), and I understand if many people have a hard time dealing with all the chances in the society, but Odessa really did put its mark on me.

Best Regards,

Ralf, Sweden

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