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Communications In Ukraine


Ukrainian telephone network stayed practically undeveloped till recently. The situation is being changed within last years and old equipment has been updated. The results are noticeable in big cities and their suburbia, where new digital telephone exchanges have appeared. At the same time, the part of old equipment remains non-upgraded and quality of the connection can vary  very much. In little towns and countryside the connection can be very poor. Some villages might have only one telephone to serve the whole built-up area.

Here is some information as to Ukrainian phone price-rates:
Calls are paid per minute, starting from the moment the connection is established.

Intercity calls within Ukraine are up to 0.12 USD/minute.
International calls to the Western Europe are 0.50 - 0.60 USD/minute.
International calls to USA are 0.36 USD/minute.
International calls to more distant countries are up to 2.00 USD/minute.

Phone usage charge at hotels is often 2-3 times higher than phone companies tariffs.

Below you can find a step-by-step description for calling to and from Ukraine.

How to call to Ukraine from abroad:

Dial international access code in your country (usually it is 00, 09 or 011, but may differ in your country), then dial 38 (international code of Ukraine) + city code + city number.

For example, to reach our office number in Odessa - 7860516 from USA, one has to dial
011 - International access code in USA
38 - International code of Ukraine
048 - City code of Odessa
7860516 - Our phone number in Odessa
By the way, you are always welcome to call us. We will gladly answer your questions and inquiries, our English speaking staff is at your disposal.

How to call from Ukraine:

To call within a city area, simply dial the local number. It usually has 5-7 digits.

To call to another city in Ukraine:
Wait for the dial tone, dial 8 (intercity access code), then wait for the dial tone, then dial area code and the phone number. The area code and the local number is always a 10-digit combination, except for the calls within a region. If you are calling to a city or a town in the same region there might be less than 10 digits.

To call abroad:
Wait for the dial tone, dial 8 (intercity access code), then wait for the dial tone, then dial 10 (international access code) + country code + area code (if required) + telephone number.

Because of high rates for International calls and low income level, IP- telephony cards become more and more popular in Ukraine. The quality of connection is worse than of usual phone channels but the rates of IP-telephony are 3-4 times lower.

The IP-telephony cards of different nominations can be purchased in computer shops and news-stalls.

Mobile Phone Networks

There are several companies serving cellular connection in Ukraine:

  • UMC - National operator of cellular connection. Standard: GSM 900
  • Kyivstar GSM - National operator of cellular connection. Standard: GSM 900/GSM 1800
  • DCC - covers Kyiv, Odesa, Crimea, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrivsk, Zaporizhzhya and some other regions of Ukraine. Standard: D-AMPS
  • Golden Telecom - covers Kyiv and Odesa. Standard: GSM 1800
  • WellCom - Kyiv only. Standard: GSM 900
  • Beeline - covers some Ukrainian regions. Standard: GSM
  • Life:) - covers some Ukrainian regions. Standard: GSM

In case your operator works in one of the mentioned above standards most probably you will be able to use your cell phone in Ukraine as well. Please, make sure details with your provider.

International roaming is quite expensive in Ukraine.

If you wish to stay available for calls in Ukraine and your cell phone supports standards GSM 900 or GSM 1800, a prepaid package can be purchased. The package contains a Sim-card - a chip for plugging into the phone and a voucher for the prepaid time. You can add funds to your phone account by purchasing new vouchers.
These packages are sold widely

For more detailed information on services, rates and coverage please, follow Ukrainian Cellular operators links page

Internet is developing fast in big cities of Ukraine. Plenty of cyber cafes and clubs provide Internet connection at 1-2 USD per hour. Some hotels offer Internet connection in the rooms, delviered to the room via Ethernet network usually. It is recommended to keep a twisted-pair Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connectors with you if you plan to connect your laptop to the hotel network.

Dial-up access is about 0.50 - 1.00 USD/hour. Usually, connection speed is a bit slow and depends much on the quality of telephone line. In some cases, Internet access is barely possible if using an old-fashion analogous phone line.

When bringing a laptop in Ukraine, prepaid time cards for Internet access can be used. These cards indicate login, password, connection set-up details and phone numbers for dial-up access. Internet cards can be purchased at computer shops and news-stalls.

Cellular phone operators provide wireless Internet access as well, GPRS and EDGE. The service is about 1.00 USD per MB. It can be easily arranged with a cell phone of GSM 900 or GSM 1800 standard with built-in modem and a device for hooking up the cell phone to your laptop (cable or infrared port). The connection is quite slow but good enough for using while traveling.


Services of the Ukrainian State Mail are inexpensive but prove again the name of "snail". Delivery within Ukraine takes 3-7 days, mail to/from foreign countries reach addressee in about 2 weeks. Therefore, it might be a good idea to use a courier delivery for faster and more effective services. The majority of International couriers have Ukrainian branches. The most popular here is DHL.

When sending a parcel to Ukraine it is worthwhile considering that valuables, cassettes, floppies, compact disks, etc. are subject for Customs' clearance. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid sending the above objects. Customs clearance may cause lots of bureaucratic troubles and monetary expenses as a result of Custom's taxes. Food, plants and animals are prohibited content for mailings to Ukraine, unless the recipient has a special permission from state authorities.

Having been a part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine had a unified mail system. All zip codes had 6 digits. In September 1999 this system was updated for 5-digit zips covering Ukraine. You can see below a list of the new zip codes for some cities:

Name of the cityPostal codes

Name of the city

Postal codes
Cherkasy 18000 - 18040 Mykolaiv 54000 - 54058
Chernihiv 14000 - 14039 Odesa 65000 - 65122
Chernivtsi 58000 - 58033 Poltava 36000 - 36042
Dnipropetrovsk 49000 - 49131 Rivno 33000 - 33040
Donetsk 83000 - 83122 Sevastopol 99000 - 99059
Ivano-Frankivsk 76000 - 76030 Simferopol 95000 - 95053
Kharkiv 61000 - 61204 Sumy 40000 - 40035
Khemlytsk(yi) 29000 - 29040 Ternopil 46000 - 46027
Kherson 73000 - 73043 Uzhgorod 88000 - 88020
Kirovohrad 25000 - 25040 Vinnytsia 21000 - 21050
Kyiv 01000 - 06215 Yalta 98600 - 98639
Luhansk 91000 - 91060 Zaporizhzhya 69000 - 69125
Lutsk 43000 - 43030 Zhytomyr 10000 - 10031
Lviv 79000 - 79090

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