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Entering And Leaving Ukraine

Entering Ukraine

Upon arrival to Ukraine, wherever your entrance point would be, you will have to go through border and customs formalities.


Border Control

Currently for entering Ukraine, visa might be required for citizens of some countries. For the detailed and up to date information, please visit the visa requirements page at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

For those, who do need visa for entering Ukraine, we should note that visa is to be obtained before the travel. In some cases for citizens of some countries a visa valid for 15 days could be issued upon arrival to Odesa and Kyiv airports. For detailed information, please visit this page.

A border control officer would check your passport, visa in it in case it is required. Also, medical insurance valid for Ukraine can be checked upon arrival. Please have medical insurance obtained before entering Ukraine since it might be impossible to obtain it at your point of entry. Another object of control might be the financial coverage of your stay in Ukraine. It should be USD 250 for the entire trip plus USD 50 per each day of stay as to the requirements for 2018.


Customs Control

It is allowed to bring into Ukraine:
  • Cash and travel checks totaling up to EUR 10,000 without a written declaration. If money you carry in exceed EUR 10,000 it should be declared in written form. Make sure to keep this document for your departure. Bank metals, which total weight is up to 500 grams per person, regardless of age, should be declared. Jewellery is considered a good.
  • Alcohol:2 l of vine, 5 l of beer, 1 l of strong beverages (22% of alcohol or stronger).
  • Tobacco: 200 cigarettes or 200 grams of tobacco.
  • Food, total cost of which is lower EUR 200.
  • Goods, weighing up to 50 kg and costing up to EUR 1,000 for airport entries, and up to EUR 500 for other entry points (sea, land etc).

Bigger amounts and weights of goods will result in customs and other fees.
Make sure to check the exact amounts and weights for your travel dates since some changes may occur in 2018.

Limitations and Prohibitions:
Prohibited objects are: radioactive, chemical or other harmful materials; pornography; any printed, recorded materials popularizing war, violence, race, ethnic or religious discrimination; anti-Constitutional propaganda.

Limitations are applicable and special authorizations will be required for carrying: any kind of weapons; animals; radioelectronics and high-frequency devices; medicine (if quantity exceeds 5 packs or the quantity necessary for 1 prescribed treatment course); narcotic and psychotropic substances; devices for opium and hashish smoking.

If you need to declare goods or values, keep the declaration signed by Customs until your departure from Ukraine. You might need this paper when leaving the country since goods and valuables export is limited in Ukraine and is subject to customs taxation. Amounts exceeding EUR 10,000 can be brought out with NBU permission letters only, unless your entrance customs declaration form states you have brought in a bigger amount.

Artworks having historical value can be brought into Ukraine if they are not on the list of stolen artworks and you have a proof of ownership. Exporting valuable artworks is possible by a special permission of Ukrainian authorities only. For preventing any problems with exporting artworks having no historical value, we advise obtaining a license for exporting your purchase from the seller.


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