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The Karaul-Oba Mountain

Operation: year round
Location: Noviy Svet, Novıy Svit
The Karaul-Oba Mountain has both - the beauty and the mystery - to charm those who take some effort to hike it.
Being a coral reef remnant, the mountain rises at 341-meter height. Mountain’s vertical cliffs have made it inaccessible from the side of the sea to a great content of those who inhabited this stronghold of stone in the old days. In the Soviet times, when the mountain climbing and hiking were a flourishing trade of the all-Union sport life, these cliffs were a popular place for climbers’ contests, and metal hooks staring from the walls still can be found.
As far as it known nowadays, the first mountain settlers had been the Tauri in the 2nd century BC. The Crimean aborigines had left numerous everyday life objects for scientific studies. Carved in the rocks, stairs and rooms of the Tauri settlements are one of the mountain’s highlight. The stairs, now known as the Taurica Stairs, were renewed by the last owner of Novy Svet, Prince Lev Galitsyn. He was a founder of wine-making in the Crimea and opened a factory of prize-winning sparkling wines in Novy Svet.
Another attraction of the mountain is connected with this remarkable person too. It is the Galitsin’s Chair, a seat cut in a rock from where the prince was enjoying a miraculous view of azure bays and rocky capes adorning the coastal line. Prince Galitsyn had a profound sense of beauty; one can see it at the first glance opening from his chair.
Turns of the path winding between the rocks and cliffs unveil breathtaking sights of the bizarre shaped mountain walls with crooked pine-trees clinging to the stone and the sea of unbelievable blue.
On the top of a rough 70-meter cliff stand relics of the Bosporan Fortress dating the 1st century AD. This eldest citadel of the Southern Crimea Shore was used as a defense from pirate attacks from the sea and as a patrol and guarding point for the surrounding lands. Thus, the name of the mountain of Karaul-Oba means the “Patrol Mountain”.
The Karaul-Oba Mountain treasures scenic gorges and meadows on the rocks. The Adam’s Bed Gorge is overgrown with ivy and wild pistachio trees, the Valley of Paradise is lushly vegetating on bare stones, relic juniper and pine trees dot the landscape.
This mountain is a very special place in the Crimea. Have your camera batteries charged, and doubtlessly follow Tauri’s and Prince Galitsin’s steps.


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