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Terms & Conditions

To place a request online, follow the BOOKING links or buttons on the services pages.
Customer registration on the site is required for booking.
In case travel services you wish to have are not available for online requesting or not published at, send an enquiry to and register at, if you have not completed it before. We will add the services, if available, to your online request and will notify you about it.
The majority of requests are processed within one business day after the checkout is completed. Though some requests may require more time to be completed or can be processed on a later date only. You will receive a notification if it is the case.
Services Availability
All the services are subject of availability. In case the services are not available we will inform you about alternative options. Your written confirmation or a new request submission will be required for proceeding further.
We guarantee completing your booking in timely and accurate manner.
It is a customers' responsibility to provide full and accurate information for booking, including personal data required. In case booking data is incomplete or/and inaccurate, Unipress cannot be held responsible for any delays in service provision, inability to provide services or client’s inability to consume services, and for any loss or damage caused by this.

Booking fees and commissions
The following non-refundable booking fees and commissions apply to booking the following services:

  • Train tickets:
    Paper tickets: booking fee of 25% of the tickets cost, minimum UAH 100 per ticket.
    Electronic tickets and ticketing vouchers: booking fee of 4% of the tickets or vouchers total cost, plus UAH 100 per ticket.
  • Flight tickets: booking fee of 25% of the tickets cost, minimum UAH 100 per ticket.
  • Other services: booking fees and commissions for some custom services may be applied by mutual agreement.
Prices and Payments
Prices are indicated in UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia) and include all the applicable Ukrainian taxes, if not stated differently. The prices in other currencies are calculated proportionally to the UAH price according to the current National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate.
Payment cards (credit or debit cards) are debited in UAH. Unipress is not responsible for conversion rate deviation, caused by possible difference of the official National Bank of Ukraine rate and conversion rate of the Payment Systems, as well as for any other reason including any cardholder's bank or credit card company fees and commissions. The request total amount is shown on the payment page in two currencies, both UAH and the currency of your choice (USD by default).
Prices are subject to change without a prior notice. However, already paid bookings’ amounts are not changeable, unless discussed upon the request processing (e.g. some pending prices unavailable at the moment of the request processing or the bookings processed far in advance).
Visa, MasterCard and American Express international payment cards (credit or debit cards) issued worldwide and domestic Ukrainian cards are accepted.

Online payments
Credit card information and other sensitive data transfer are protected with the SSL secure connection.
In accordance with the Payment System requirements and recommendations, we reserve the right to request for the additional paperwork, such as official documents’ copies and the written cardholders' application for payment completion.
For security reasons, the processing can be stopped or suspended. In such an instance we may offer an alternative payment method.

Mail order
Should you wish to pay via mail order, please specify it in your request for booking, or send us an email. The mail order application will be forwarded to you with the further guidance.
Your request will be processed upon reception of the properly completed and signed application, along with other required documents.

Bank transfers
International payment can be settled via bank in USD or EUR. Domestic bank payment is made in UAH only.
These Terms and Conditions may not apply, or apply partially, to services paid via bank transfer.

Payment Terms
Payments are processed in accordance with the terms below, if other terms were not stated when request processing.

Hotels and other accommodation
14 days prior to the check-in date.

Train, flight, ferry and other tickets
Payment is preauthorized upon reception of the request and should be settled immediately after the tickets are issued.

Day tours and excursion services
30 days prior to the service commencement.

Other services
14 days prior to the service commencement.

Requests at a short notice
Requests received later then the terms stated above are considered to be short notice requests. Payment for such requests is processed instantaneously after the request processing completion.
For short notice bookings, we reserve the right to preauthorize (put on hold) payments upon the requests reception.

Cancellations and Refunds
For cancellation and refund policy for transportation tickets, please, refer to the corresponding chapters below.
Other services are cancelled upon reception of the written message. The message should be sent from the email address stated in the customer's account. If a fax message is sent it should be signed by the customer.
Cancellations at a short notice can be requested over the phone. For customer verification, we reserve the right for personal information inquiry. The cancellation request will be ignored in case of mismatch.
If you have received no response to your cancellation request within one business day, it means we have not received your message.
Unipress would process the cancellation and refund only in such an instance when the cancellation request was sent to Unipress directly, and we have confirmed its reception.
All the booking fees and commissions are non-refundable.

Hotels and other accommodation
Hotel cancellations made at a 7-days notice or earlier are usually subject to full hotel cost refund. However, cancellation charges depend on the each hotel cancellation policy.
In case an original hotel voucher was dispatched to the client, this document should be turned back to Unipress office if cancellation is required. Date of the package reception by Unipress office would be considered a cancellation date.

Flight tickets
Flight tickets cancellation and refund policy depends on each Airline solely.

  • Paper Tickets
    For cancellation processing, such tickets should be received at Unipress office at least 10 days prior to the flight. Only having the tickets, we can make the cancellation and process the refund.

    To cancel paper tickets when traveling in Ukraine, please make sure to put the cancellation mark on the tickets at nearest airline ticketing office and send the tickets to Unipress office. When mailing, please, consider the refund deadlines are usually limited within one-month term after the flight date.
  • Electronic tickets
    Electronic tickets can be cancelled by sending a written message to Unipress.

Train tickets

  • Paper tickets
    Paper tickets can be annulled at a cancellation office of any passenger train station in Ukraine. Upon your request, we can cancel your train tickets if they are located in our office, or at our representatives’ in Ukraine. If the ticket cancellation was processed independently, the ticket and the receipt for cancellation (the blue form handed out by the Railway cancellation office) should be dispatched to our office for the refund. Due to high labor input to refund processing, we refund 50% of the tickets cost provided that the cancellation was made at least 5 business days prior to the expected train trip.
  • Electronic tickets and ticketing vouchers
    Electronic tickets and ticketing vouchers can be cancelled by passengers with valid passport, or other personal ID, solely at Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) cancellation offices only. For refunding a ticketing voucher, provisional exchange for a paper ticket might be required.

Day tours and excursion services
Day tours and excursions, such as tours to Chernobyl or any other controlled or limited access area, which involve interaction with authorities for permits or other documents, can be cancelled at a 14-days notice or earlier, with a cancellation fee of the permit cost (UAH 500 minimum). For such tours and excursions, cancellations made at a 7-days or earlier notice would result in 50% refund of the balance after debiting the permit amount.
Other tours and excursion services can be cancelled at a14-days notice with no cancellation fee. There would be refunded 50% of such a tour or excursion cost if cancellation is made at a 7-days or earlier notice.
No refunds would be made for any later cancellations.

Car transfers and other services
These services can be cancelled at 3 business days notice at no cancellation cost.

Duties and Obligations
Unipress will complete bookings in an accurate and timely manner.
We do our best to provide detailed information on services and their quality. While striving for high quality service, Unipress not always has control over it. If an issue arises, and it cannot be resolved on spot, please contact us before the service provision is completed. We will use our best effort to find a solution. Please note, we are not able to affect the situation later.
It is client's responsibility to reach on time the hotels, airports, railway/bus stations, seaports or other departure or service commencement places.
Unipress is not responsible for courier and postal service delays or non-deliveries, and any consequences it may result in.
Unipress is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by email spam filter actions, email server misconfigurations, or other reasons resulting in non-delivery of email messages to Unipress or to the customers.
Unipress financial obligations may not exceed the amount received as payment for service.
Privacy and Confidentiality
Personal data, payment data, as well as booking information is confidential, and is collected, stored and used in compliance with the State Law of Ukraine 2297-IV “About Personal Data Protection” dated 01.06.2010. Service providers receive the part of your personal information required for your booking processing only.
Financial or payment information is forwarded to the acquiring bank (Raiffeisen Bank Aval) in accordance with the conditions and practices of the Payment Systems (VISA, Europay International and American Express).
Enquiries made by the third parties about your bookings will not be answered, unless you instruct us to do so. In case, you wish to have someone follow up your bookings for you, please, state it in writing and email the person’s details to us.

To whom it may concern,
I would highly recommend anyone wishing to travel to the Ukraine to contact Tanya and Igor of "Unipress Travel" for all their accommodation, visa and travel needs in the Ukraine. During my initial contacts via email, Tanya was extremely helpful giving
me all the information needed for my stay in the Ukraine and also organizing and smoothing the way when I finally arrived.
When I arrived I found that the VIP and Pickup service, that I had organized through Unipress, made my transition through customs a breeze and smoothed away my fears of Ukrainian bureaucracy ruining my stay, and then it was into the capable hands of Igor to speed me to my hotel.
Your service and dedication to your clients welfare is better treatment than I have found in many Western countries during my travels, and so I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wishing for a smooth and uneventful journey to and in, your country.
Yours faithfully

Bryan Roberts

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