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Обзорная экскурсия по запорожью

Продолжительность: 3 часов
Сезонность: круглый год
Максимальный размер группы: не ограничен
Доступно на:* Английский, Русский, Немецкий, Французский, Испанский, Украинский
Цена тура на одного*
Group: от USD 10
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A small inconspicuous town of Zaporizhzhya has grown into a huge industrial Soviet center in the 30th of the last century. Beautiful green town beyond the Dnieper River rapids was condemned to become a manufacturing giant of the Soviet Industrialization years. It all started when in order to make the Dnieper navigable, the rapids were flooded and the water was used for energy generating purposes at the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station. You will ride by this famous hydropower plant and will see the 800 m long open for car and trolleybus traffic dam, standing out high from the Dnieper waters. And though a visit to the station is not included to this excursion, you will hear a lot about it. The station was the biggest in the world when it was built, and the industrial might of Zaporizhzhya, along with other manufacturing centers, has grown out of it.
Having visited some highlights of the modern Zaporizhzhya you will continue to the Khortytsia Island, which is the biggest on the Dnieper River. It has rocky cliffs and vibrant green floodplains, forests and steppe areas, marches and lakes. But the natural beauty of the island is not the main reason for its fame. It is a glorious part of the Ukrainian history and is connected with the Zaporizhian Cossackdom. You will visit the Museum of the Zaporizhian Cossacks History, which displays an outstanding collection dedicated to the brave Ukrainian Cossack worriers. Having emerged as a self-defending power, the Cossacks have rapidly grown in a cohort of skillful and courageous Slavic soldiers, a military force that affected not only the Ukrainian but also the European history.
There are plenty of plain industrial cities in the world. But Zaporizhzhya is not like that. There is a profound story of the nation in the city with unpainted concrete walls…
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My family and I have returned from our vacation in Odessa. We all would like to thank you and Unipress BTD for the apartment and help. We had never rented an apartment, having always stayed in hotels. We had a great experience and will seek to stay in an apartment next time as well.

The apartment was great. We very much appreciated Tanya and Andre's help at the office. Andre helped with luggage, and Tanya called and paid for a cab, and accompanied us to the apartment. Oksana came by to pick up the key on our checkout day and called a cab for us. We were very pleased with the well thought out help.

Thank you,

Randy, Helen, Nick and Alex, USA

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